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Congratulations on your decision to purchase our products! You will now be taken to one of the following pages to make your purchase and arrange for receiving a permanent license key. Please press Share It button and you'll be followed into a secure shopping cart page where you'll have to enter your payment data.

What you get after purchasing:
  • Openworld Presenter Plus full version has no limits in usage time and also opens all advanced features (like extra transcript synchronizing, etc.), closed in the trial version. Personal license considers usage by a single person.

  • Openworld Presenter Plus CD version contains trial version, but enriched with additional samples and extended documentation. You can purchase this version if you've not chosen a backup CD delivery when you purchased Openworld Presenter Plus license. We've done our best to make the price as low as possible. In fact we have no incomes from this CD version distribution. All you pay is just for CD production and delivery.

  • Openworld Online Tools Pack is nesessary for online presentation creation. It provides your presentation with a tree-shaped navigation menu and keyword search engine. The trial (freeware) version adds a link to Openworld Presenter Homepage to the treemenu. You can purchase the commercial version of these tools to be free from such restriction.

    These Java applets can be used not only together with Openworld Presenter, but also for a websites navigation, website serach, etc. Click here for example. If you wish to get the full Java sourcecode of both applets or just of TreeView (JSMenu) applet, you must purchase a special Source Code License. See below for prices.

  • Logo Upgrade Service lets you create your own logos for Openworld Player. In this way you can easily meet the needs of a particular client, organization or presentation theme. You can find more information about this service (incliuding a free demo) at our Logo Upgrade Service page.

  • FlashDigger Plus Registered version opens a set of advanced features, which let you update your SWF clips and banners in a secons! Have a links broken? Need update graphics? It is not a problem! All you need is just a few mouse clicks!


Openworld Presenter Plus
Openworld Presenter Plus v 1.24 (personal license) $ 69 Order Now!
Openworld Presenter Plus v 1.24 (CD version) $ 9.95 Order Now!
Openworld Online Tools Pack
Openworld Online Tools Pack v 1.1 $ 39 Order Now!
Openworld Online Tools Pack v 1.1 Source Code License $ 299 Order Now!
JSMenu Applet v 1.1 Source Code License $ 199 Order Now!
FlashDigger Plus
FlashDigger Plus v 4.06 (single user license) $ 49.95 Order Now!
Related Services
Openworld Player Logo Customization Service $ 30 Order Now!


IMPORTANT! Please visit our Logo Upgrade page as soon as you've paied your logo customization. You'll be followed through a one-stop logo upgrade process.


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