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Download Openworld Presenter


Here you can download latest available versions of the Openworld Learning Authoring Tools.

IMPORTANT! You must enter an unlock key when you'll startup the installation program for some of our products. Please refer to the table below for the unlock keys.

Product Name Unlock Key
Openworld Presenter Plus OCB-001-123456789-123
Openworld Presenter Basic OCB-001-123456789-123
FlashDigger Lite SWF-001-5432-8730

You can copy-paste the above unlock key to insert it when asked during the installation process. After you have inserted it, press the "Next" button and the installation will go on.

IMPORTANT! We also recommend to download several related products which are nesessary during the content creation process. All of these third-party tools are freeware.

  • RealPlayer is nesessary for video loading, video and transcript synchronization and for presentation playing. All this software is based on RealPlayer stuff.

    IMPORTANT! It is strongly recommended to install the latest available RealOne Player version, as previous RealPlayer versions (RealPlayer 8 and RealOne beta) have a lot of bugs.
  • RealProducer is nesessary for media files conversion from other (AVI, MPEG, ASF, etc.) into RealMedia standard. The RealMedia standard is the most suitable for RealPlayer. Openworld Presenter supports only RealMedia standard for video.
  • RAWAVRecorder is a third party freeware which can extract an audio track from already existing RealMedia file. It can be used for WAV file generation to use it for automatic transcribing in such Speech-To-Text converters, as IBM ViaVoice or Dragon Dictate. Requires Realplayer to work.


SPECIAL SUGGESTION: You can localize a Presentation Wizard, available in Openworld Presenter Plus version, using a resource text file available for translation into your native language. We appreciate if anybody could do that. We'll upload a localized Presentation Wizard versions as soon as we'll get such localized resource file versions.


Openworld FlashPresenter
Openworld FlashPresenter v 2.01 ( evaluation version. All features are unlocked for preview 08/06/2006 5,705 KB
Openworld Presenter Plus
Openworld Presenter Plus v 1.24 ( 30-day trial 03/04/2003 4,090 K
Openworld Presenter Plus v 1.23 ( 30-day trial 01/23/2003 3,413 K
Openworld Presenter Plus Help Files
Openworld Presenter User's Manual (WinHelp format) 12/01/2002 614 K
Openworld Presenter User's Manual (PDF format, by Chris Darby) 01/02/2003 1024 K
Expression Wizard User's Manual (CHM format) 03/04/2003 525 K
Openworld Presenter Basic
Openworld Presenter Basic v 1.23 ( freeware 01/23/2003 1,984 K
Openworld Flash Tools
FlashDigger Plus v 3.02 ( feature-limited demo 01/31/2004 1915 K
FlashDigger Lite v 3.02 ( freeware 01/31/2004 890 K
Related Software
RealOne Player V2 Gold freeware (Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP) 10/14/2002 8,900 K
Realproducer Basic v 8.51 freeware 03/03/2002 4,700 K
RAWAVRecorder v. 1.0 freeware 01/18/2001 49 K


ATTENTION! Please contact to our technical support team if you have any problems with files downloading. We'll try to help you. Also you can use a free program like GetRight.



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