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About Openworld Presenter

Openworld Learning's family of authoring tools makes it faster, simpler and more affordable than before to create advanced rich media presentations.

Success in markets today hinges upon creating and sharing insights in an engaging, digital form.

Yet doing so has been a complex, challenging task.

Today, Openworld Presenter makes it simple to create and deliver outstanding presentations and e-learning courses with an intuitive, real-world format.

You can now assemble -- in a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the scale of your project -- rich media presentations that rival or surpasss the real-life experience of lectures, seminars and workshops.

Viewers can watch speakers present related slides, hyperlinked documents, and even scrolling transcripts in chosen languages as desired.

Openworld FlashPresenter v. 2.01 is available for free evaluation. All features are opened for preview. Click here to download.
FlashDigger v. 3.6 is released. A set of advanced features are available now! Click here to download.
Expression Wizard is released in Openworld Presenter v. 1.24. It allows authors to produce slides containing complex mathematical formulas, equations and expressions "on-the-fly". Click here for demo. Click here to download Openworld Presenter.
Openworld Presenter CD version is available now. Starting with version 1.24 Openworld Presenter is available on CD. Additional samples and extended documentation are included. The CD contains both Plus and Basic versions of our authoring tools. Visit Openworld Presenter Plus Order Page to get the new CD version.
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Presentation Samples Gallery shows presentation samples made by Openworld Learning and third parties.
Read User Opinions - remarks made by CNet downloaders.
See the new Online Tutorial including the advanced features demo. (high bandwidth only)
What you get after purchasing - visit our products and services Order Page.
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Inside Openworld Presenter

Openworld Presenter makes life easier for presentation authors as well as viewers. Your development costs and time in creating rich media content can be dramatically reduced.

And, when you're ready to publish, our authoring tool provides you with innovative, one-stop global CD-ROM distribution and web hosting solutions -- as well as opportunities to earn royalties.

Consider the following advantages:

Advanced topic navigation

Openworld Presenter offers advanced, tree-menu topic navigation. Viewers can go straight to topics of immediate interest, enabling just-in-time learning. More Information...

Open standards and support for multiple video and graphic formats

Openworld Presenter uses the open standard of SMIL to synchronize media elements. We support RealMedia and MPEG video formats directly, and work seamless with encoders to accept source video in a range of formats (e.g. AVI, ASF, etc.)
New 1.21 version supports Macromedia FLASH format for both video and slides, so you can assemble a sequence of FLASH clips into one continious presentation now. Using new Openworld Presenter version you can also assemble a "video" channel from several video/audio tracks playing in parallel or in consequence to each other. So, you don't need to use a complex and expensive video editing tools anymore! More Information...

Additional Support for Macromedia Flash format

Openworld Learning releases new software called FlashDigger Lite. This is a freeware tool, which allows to explore SWF files and extract a graphics and sound resources from them. FlashDigger also allows to save a mute copy (without soundtrack) of your SWF file. This feature is very useful, because it allows to reduce the original file size after the soundtrack is exported.
Why we need to export a soundtrack? Sometimes we need to do that, as RealPlayer cannot play some SWF files with the sound embedded. So, we must extract a soundtrack, save it in a MP3 file, then combine our own "videotrack" inside OP Plus, using a mute SWF animation and this extracted soundtrack. Also you can extract a graphic files (such as JPEG, PNG, etc.) and use them as slides in combination with other slides. New version 2.0 has several advanced features. Click here to download FlashDigger. More Information...

Flexible layout

Openworld Presenter comes with several layout templates for different presentation types (e.g. Web or CD-ROM). You are free to change the presentation screen layout as you like, using incorporated powerful visual tool - Screen Layout Wizard. More Information...

Costs savings for presentation authors ("global outsourcing at your fingertips")

Authors can now create presentations at a fraction of prevailing costs. With Openworld Presenter, you are only a few clicks away from savings in transcription, translation, and graphic art, as online service providers around the world respond to your production needs. More Information...

Simple publishing options for finished presentations

Our authoring systems provide one-step creation of CD Images, for efficient publication of presentations on CD-ROMs. You can also export completed presentations in a form for upload onto web servers (standard or RealServer based). More Information...

Pay per use royalty options

Openworld Presenter also supports pay-per-use options for delivering your presentation with the Openworld Advanced Online Tools Pack. It includes the standard Online Tools Pack and additional set of CGI scripts, which is oriented to pay-per-use content delivery. Our e-gold based solutions enable you to earn royalties around the world, even in markets where customers lack credit cards.More Information...

The price to start enjoying benefits? We've done our best to make it as painless as possible. We recommend you to download and test both of available versions in order to choose what is better for your needs in features/cost respect.

Our advanced version, Openworld Presenter Plus, costs just $69. And you can download a full-functional 30-day trial version right now!
Openworld Presenter Plus Features Download Openworld Presenter Plus Purchase Openworld Presenter Plus On-line

The entry-level Openworld Presenter Basic authoring tool is freeware. It offers basic features as described above - and is yours without charge.
Openworld Presenter Basic Features Download Openworld Presenter Basic Download Openworld Presenter Basic for free!



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