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Adding Slides to your Presentation

The use of slides in your presentation serves to further explain and emphasize the key points of the author's talk, and can significantly enhance the presentation's visual appeal. Slides in various formats can be set to appear on cue as your presentation unfolds, in sync with the Transcript and talk, as a way to effectively hold viewer's attention right through the presentation.

How to add slides to your presentation

In a typical case, it is assumed that the author has an already-prepared set of slides that can be directly imported into the Openworld Flash Presenter authoring program. You can import a full set of such slides if they have been saved in the .ppt (Microsoft Powerpoint) format - or import individual slides if you have already converted them into JPEG, PNG or GIF formats. The preferred file size for Openworld Flash Presenter is 684 x 513 pixels. Importing your Powerpoint file (.ppt) into Openworld Flash Presenter is very simple, as described in the Synchronizing Slides page.

Follow the steps given below to add slides to your presentation:

 First, open the "Slides" page by clicking on the big "Slides" button to the left of your Synchronizer window.

 Select the relevant file containing the the individual slide or .ppt file from the appropriate folder on your hard disk. You can opt for files of specific format to be selected, by clicking on and choosing from among the options in the drop down list under the heading “Show only files of this type”.

 Drag and drop the file into the “Slide List”, located at the bottom of the page. A dialog box appears, showing all the available slides. Here you can choose which slides to import. All slides of the file are imported by default. Once you have selected the file(s) to import, you can complete creation of the slide list by a drag-and-drop movement of your selection into the “Slide List”.

 Rename the slides after they have been imported into the slide list. You can edit the name of each slide by double clicking on the existing name, and using the slide name-editor that appears. You can give meaningful names to each of the slides in this way - names that reflect the specific topic covered by each slide, rather than have them identified by the default titles such as "slide1", "slide2", etc.

Note: The resulting slide list is now seen in the Synchronizer's "Slides" tab.


 First, select the slide item to be updated by clicking on its name in the slide list located at the bottom of the workspace window.

 Next, press and hold the Shift key, while you drag the updated single slide file from the Explorer window at the top right into the slide list at the bottom.

Note: This feature can be used only for single-slide, image-file updating. You cannot update a group of slide items or re-import a MS Powerpoint presentation by the drag-and-drop method mentioned above.

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