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Openworld FlashPresenter Features

About Openworld FlashPresenter's New Projector

As it was said above, one of the Openworld FlashPresenter's unique capabilities is its ability to produce continuous executable file, containing all Flash content. This feature is the result of using a special Flash Projector, that stores all kinds of Flash content, such as SWF files, text files, .XML files, FLV video and MP3/wav audio files, within one single, continuous executable file. All content is encrypted and stored inside one executable file and accessed directly from this file. No longer do multiple files need be saved to the user's computer memory/hard disk, even as temporary files. Instead, the projector accesses them just as if they had been saved on the hard disk as is usual for most files. For example, video files (FLV) can be accessed either directly from the FlashPresenter 's .exe file, or from content saved on a CD or hard disk drive. No special demands are placed upon the memory of the computer displaying the presentation, because the whole video is not loaded into the computer's RAM even when it is accessed directly from the executable file. Only a very small part of the video is buffered in the RAM to achieve smart playback. Random access to the video file (seeking/navigation capability) is preserved and responds quickly to user topic navigation choices. All other types of files are loaded into the Flash player just as if they had been saved on the CD-ROM/hard disk drive.

Key Features of the FlashPresenter Projector

• Creates a single executable, combining all of the files in your Flash project (such as configuration data, audio, video, etc.)

• Allows presentations to run directly from the user's CD. None of the files (even on a temporary basis) are saved to the hard disk drive.

• Can open linked files that remain stored on the user's CD/hard disk drive.

• Does not require Macromedia Flash OCX installation on user's PC; it is a standalone Flash presentation system.

Additional capabilities

• Enables authors to password-protect content if desired (users will be asked for password input to see your Flash movie). This password is irretrievable by the end-user, because it is not stored within the executable file. No one else but the content creator/distributor can restore it.

• Offers the ability to create trial versions - limited in time or in number of uses - of your Flash presentations.

Advantages of Openworld FlashPresenter over other authoring tools

One of the most significant advantages of FlashPresenter over Macromedia Breeze and other similar Flash presentation authoring tools is its Flash code size. Flash presentation authoring tools usually produce presentations that are based on Macromedia Flash components, which are unwieldy and put heavy demands on your computer's processing power.

Openworld FlashPresenter's projector has been programmed in pure Flash, keeping Macromedia's ActionScript instructions to exceptionally lean sizes. You will find that the file size for your presentations will typically amount to between 100 to 200 KB including files relating to your presentation's Contents and Glossary (this efficiency arises from embedding the Contents and Glossary directly into the player rather than saving them as separate files). A presentation with 30 Contents items and an 800-word Glossary therefore can fit in a file size of about 115 KB. This compares very favorably with files created by Macromedia Breeze and other similar authoring tools, which usually store all presentation parts in external SWF/XML files rather than the projector file. Moreover, in the case of competing projects, the typical projector's SWF file size normally exceeds 300 KB.

Another significant FlashPresenter advantage is its ability to create presentations in "cumulative" executable format. This means that all presentation elements, including video, are combined within the single Windows EXE file.

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