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Step 1 - Open Presentation

Opening PowerPoint Presentation:

The first step of Powerpoint presentation import is the presentation choosing. Choose the PPT or PPS file to open, using Windows Explorer-style navigator, and then click "Next" button or just double-click on file in the file list view.

WARNING: You must have MS PowerPoint installed on your computer. MS PowerPoint-2000 or above is required.


CAUTION: In Microsoft Office XP or higher, when opening a presentation at this step, you may receive an error message that programmatic access to the Visual Basic project is not trusted.

To prevent this message from appearing, first close the Openworld FlashPresenter, then open MS PowerPoint, point to Macro on the Tools menu in the MS Powerpoint (not in the Openworld FlashPresenter), and then click Security. On the Trusted Sources tab, select the Trust access to Visual Basic Project box. By selecting this box, macros in any documents that you open can access the core Microsoft Visual Basic objects, methods, and properties, which represents a possible security hazard.

The default behavior in Office XP (and above) is to not allow macros to programmatically access the Visual Basic object model. The recommended behavior is to select the Trust access to Visual Basic Project box only for the duration of your Openworld FlashPresentor session. The Trust access to Visual Basic Project box should be cleared after the Openworld FlashPresenter Powerpoint Import Wizard has finished running.

Please note, that you need to import a Powerpoint presentation only once. After importing it is converted into Openworld FlashPresenter project format, therefore you don't need to access MS Powerpoint in your further work with Openworld FlashPresenter. Thus, you need to do the security changes in MS Powerpoint only once for a short period of Import Wizard session.

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