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Flash Media Server Configuration Basics

Configuring your Flash Communication Server MX

In brief, the basic configuration of the Flash Communication Server MX is done as follows:

 Create a new subdirectory in the "Applications" directory of the FCS installation directory at the server. Name this subdirectory appropriately, to reflect your particular presentation specifics. Refer to your FCS installation manual for details.

 Create the subdirectories structure inside this new subdirectory, as it is shown at the screenshot above. All names except for the name of subdirectory, created above, are reserved. You shouldn't change them.

 Put your "video.flv" file into the "_definst_" subdirectory. Use either LAN or FTP for that depending on your network configuration.

  Specify the video location at the Export Presentation page of the FlashPresenter. Put the domain name or IP address of the FCS server into the upper "Domain/IP Address" field and continuate it with the Application subdirectory name, created above. Write like the next: "mydomain.com/mypresentation". Please note that you shouldn't use any prefixes like "rtmp://" here.

 Leave the "Video Subdirectory" name unchanged. It is not used when RTMP delivery is used.

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