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PowerPoint Import Wizard

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Step 2 - PowerPoint Slide Narration

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PowerPoint Import Preferences

Creating New Presentation

Getting Started

Video Setup

Video Encoding Setup

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Media Synchronization

Synchronization Overview

Editing Transcript

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Creating Quizzes

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Presentation Export

Exporting Your Presentation

Using HTTP Streaming technology for video/audio


Flash Media Server
Configuration Basics

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MP3 To FLV Converter

MP3 Compressor

Audio Uncompressor

MP3 Sound Recorder


DEMO Mode Limitations

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Contents Creation

Organising your Contents Menu:

You can create a Contents menu with the topics displayed in a tree-like arrangement, to let your viewers easily navigate across the presentation. Click on the Contents button (see Presentation Screen page) located just above the Presentation Navigator bar to open this menu.

Contents Menu Creation

 Enter “Contents” in the field for the Window Title

 Proceed to select & double click on the folders inside the Contents window to name them in seriatim

 Drag and drop the topic name into the relevant paragraph of text in the transcript area.

Note: The title for each topic appears next to the time marker for the respective paragraph.

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