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Step 2 - PowerPoint Slide Narration

How to make PowerPoint slides to speak:

The main purpose of this page is to create the audiotrack and transcript for your future FlashPresenter presentation. Going step-by-step from one slide to another and creating narration for each slide, you'll have get a continuous audiotrack and accompanying synchronized scrolling transcript of your speech in the FlashPresenter presentation. After all your slides will have appropriate narration you'll can go to the next step and convert your narrated presentation into FlashPresenter project. Click the big "Next" button below the Slide View to go to the next Wizard step.

How Slide Narration Page looks:

As you can see the second Wizard page has the slide preview and two toolbars at the right side. These are Navigation Toolbar and Audio Toolbar. Slide Preview has a popup menu (see below) which duplicates the Navigation Toolbar functions and has extra useful features.

How Navigation Toolbar works:

 Go To Next Slide button Opens the next slide in the PowerPoint presentation. The existing audio track and transcript (if they were made for this slide and stored in the PPT/PPS file) are loaded automatically.

 Go To Previous Slide button Does all the same as above, but opens previous slide.

 Reload Narration button loads the existing audio and transcript for current slide from the PowerPoint presentation into the Wizard. All changes, made in audio and/or transcript and not saved, are discarded.

 Save Narration button Saves all changes, made in the narration for current slide, into the PowerPoint preentation. Please note: your Powerpoint presentation is loaded into computer memory and it is not saved to the hard drive when you click this button!. Later (at the final step) you'll have an option to save your modified PowerPoint presentation to the hard disk.

 Show/Hide Editor button Shows or hides (if is shown) the Transcript Editor window.

 Attach External Audio button Lets you assign an external existing audio file for the slide in view.

How Audio Toolbar works:

 Playback Navigator Indicates and lets you change the playback position when the audio is playing.

 Play button Starts to play the audio, associate with the slide in view.

 Pause button Stopss the playback or recording process (whichever was active), but not closes player. You can continue playback or recording process by Play or Record buttons pressing.

 Stop button Stopss the playback or recording process and closes player or recorder (whichever was active).

 Record button Starts audio recording process. Be sure that your audio system is configured properly! See Preferences page to learn how to configure it.

 Volume level control Indicates and changes the recording and playback volume. It shows recording volume level when player is stopped and shows playback volume level when playback is active. You can pre-set the recording and playback volume levels at the Preferences page.

Slide Preview Popup Menu Extra Features

 Save Audio From Slide lets you save audio from PowerPoint slide into an external WAV file. Please note, that audio is stored within PowerPoint always in WAV file format, though it may contain MP3 compressed audio inside WAV "envelope". So, exporting audio from PowerPoint you always get .WAV file extention.

 Add One sec. Of Silence lets you easily insert a short pauses into your audio track without recorder usage. It is done without any file recompression, so it can't change the original audio quality. This feature is very useful for a cases when you have narration a bit shorter, than 10 sec, for some slide, so your slide would look in red in the Results List without this feature applying. Another case, where this feature is suitable is when you'd like to add a short pause between lecture parts, e.g. for quiz insertion. Also please note, that you can insert this pause as at the begining of the audiotrack as to add it to the end of the audiotrack. Applying this function several times you can create a longer pauses.

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