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Synchronizing Hyperlinks and Resources Links

Synchronizing Hyperlinks:

Once you have created all the links and grouped them, the next step would be to synchronize them with the transcript. Take a look at the Hyperlinks Creation page for information on how to create links. Links are grouped together on the basis of their time of appearance on screen while the presentation is being run. Each link group may contain as many links as you might wish to have, but only the top four will be fully visible. Your viewers will need to scroll up to view them while the presentation is being run.

Synchronizing Hyperlinks

Synchronising Hyperlinks -- Associating Link groups with Transcript

First click on the "Synchronizer" icon of your Openworld Flash Presenter. Next, click on the "Links" tab to get started. Now you can associate each of the link groups with the relevant part of the transcript. To do this:

 Choose the relevant time marker to be associated with the link group, and drag-drop the link group onto the relevant paragraph of transcript. (This is illustrated in screenshot). Continue to select each link/link group as above and drop it onto the relevant paragraph (each time specifying the associated URL’s and link resource type), until all the links have been done.

 A link group icon appears to the right of the time marker.

Note: The link marker appears right next to the slide marker, indicating the preset time for the link, slide and related text to appear on screen when the movie begins to play. To have all links disappeared from the screen at a pre-set time just create an empty group of links (a group with no links) and associate it with the relevant time marker.

Doing so, please remember, that each links group may be inserted only onece! So, you need to create several empty groups if you'd like empty Links area many times during the presentation.

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